Mark Muller

Mark is social entrepreneur raised in Germany and Connecticut. After graduating from the University Of Connecticut he worked as an investment banker and venture capitalist as well as in corporate development for several companies including Drexel Burnham, RBC, Enron and Centaurus. Passionate about sharing the power of knowledge, Mark has taught at Rice University, YES Prep Charter School and served on a number of nonprofit boards .

When he proposed to his then wife-to-be Kim, he gave her a ring with three diamonds: one for her and one for each of his soon to be adopted children. “Being a dad is the most humbling experience I’ve ever had”, he says.

Mark is a cancer survivor and believes everything that has happened in his life has brought him to the moment of launching L4C with his wife for: “Kim and I want to teach our children the importance of sharing what we have while creating something that makes a difference in the world.”