The Craftsmanship

L4C lockets are made by M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza using the same high quality techniques that made the brand a fashion favorite all over the world.

Each locket explicates Matthew’s belief in superb craftsmanship and use of the finest materials to create signature, maximalist accessories. The intensive design period requires 6-8 months for styles to be completed, ensuring exceptional quality and detail that rivals top-tier luxury retailers.

Each design piece stands as a work of art and is crafted in its own unique way. Quality control is critical at every stage to preserve the characteristic M.C.L signature that personifies blending classic art influences with modern design aesthetic.

Natural stones are sourced from around the world and their colors are aesthetically complemented for each design. All rough stones are chosen by certified staff and cut by the finest stonecutters to ensure optimum clarity and beauty. The difference in origin of the stones offers each design surface texture, color gradient and a unique identity.

The method also ensures that no two pieces are alike. The difference in appearance between two M.C.L Design pieces of the same style do not indicate production defects but rather reflects the unique character of each individual item and the considerable care taken during production.